Wednesday, August 31, 2011

36 Years

Today is my birthday. So far I've spent it eating bacon and french toast made by Tim, getting a pedicure with Lauren, treating my children to Happy meals, and scrubbing the entire inside and outside of my stove with a Mr. Clean Magic eraser, all of which were splendid (Except the part where I dumped most of Grace's happy meal onto the pavement outside of McDonald's but let's not talk about that, only happy things today).

That's me in 1983. I got that awesome outfit for my birthday. It was pink and grey knit the top had puffed sleeves and the skirt was made of the same knit with several rows of ruffles. It was rad. I LOVED it. I still love it. If I had it today Grace would be wearing the minute she could fit into it. I wore to the Oregon State Fair on my birthday. I loved it so much.

Okay, now this is ON my 19th birthday in about 1994. That's the worlds greatest roommate ever, Britton with me. I miss you B!!! She is now a mother of four kiddos and lives too far away. Anyhow, Britt threw me a party along with my other girlfriends in our dorm. I think we ate at the Olive Garden and stuffed ourselves with all you can eat salad and bread sticks that night. That's our dorm. Yes, palm trees and a stones throw away from the Pacific. We were so spoiled.

Baby Sarah, 7 months old. Awwwwwwwwww. It's hard to believe how darling and cute we are started out. Have you ever started looking at people on the street and imagining them as a seven month old baby? It's hard to be unkind to people when you do that.

Oh yes, this is at the graduation party my parents hosted in 1993. I'm on my parents porch.  I'm still 17. Such a baby. I have to admit I went through my high school photos and they were so atrocious. I think I may toss the whole album. It was bad. BAD. I'm still cringing. Maybe someday I'll work up the courage to show you more of Sarah in the early 90's.

This here was one of the best days of my life. This was eleven years ago and that's my parents beautiful home they sold so that they could come live by us. I feel a little mournful about that house but I'd much rather have them here than have them living in that house.

Okay, that's enough nostalgia. Tim and I are making Pioneer Woman Beef with Snow Peas for dinner (It's amazing by the way) and I've got two tubs of laundry to put away.


Katie Grauke said...

Sarah, I LOVED this post! Such great pics! Happy birthday!!

kelly said...

LOVE the pictures! The wedding shot looks like Eliot and Grace all dressed up and is that a big happy smile I see on Tim's face in an actual photograph? :)
Happy Birthday!! Have super fun this deserve it!

Paula said...

Oh RAD! Why did all the good words die? :) The wedding photo is gorgeous! And yes, you look like your girls. . .have a blast on your getaway!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sarah! Happy Birthday to you!!!! Hope you ahve had a wonderful day! Love you post!xoxoxo,
Aunt Pam

Britton said...

FUN entry! That pic of us brings back ALOT of super memories! Happy Birthday sweet friend. You are a blessing to all who cross your path! I am so glad God created you!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope the rest of your day is fabulous (dinner sounds yummy!)

Lauren said...

For some reason I didn't discover this post until today! I love it, love-love-love all the great photos of you! Happy Birthday again and again!