Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grace Elizabeth's Birthday ~ Part 1

We had a little mini party at Starbucks on Saturday for Grace's birthday. The girls had donuts and drinks before heading to Grace's favorite spot in the mall...

They each picked out a little treat and then sat on the bench to look over their new things.
What a sweet polite delightful group of little ladies!
Afterwards Grace and I came home to start our marathon baking day. We churned out mini apple sugar cookies to take to class on Monday and to share with the family on Sunday.

We also worked on her rainbow birthday cake. Grace loved helping me mix up the batter into six different colors.


Britton said...

LOVE IT! Birthdays are SO much fun...especially Girlie ones!;)

kelly said...

Awesome party...what's better than Starbucks and Claire's?