Monday, September 26, 2011

The Selway River

We went camping this past weekend with my dad and the big kids. I haven't slept out in nature for several years simply because I personally don't believe in camping with children under the age of about four. Not that it can't be done and not that people don't enjoy camping with small children. I just think it sounds exhausting. We left Cate at home with Grandma and drove with my dad to the Selway river in Idaho. It's about a three hour drive from where we live and we arrived there late on Thursday evening. We had just enough time to pick a camp spot, set up our beds. make dinner. and head to bed. You can imagine my amazement when on Friday morning I walked across the road and saw this...

I'm going to gush about this river (no pun intended). It had the clearest emerald colored water surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine forest. The water is flanked by long stretches of ivory sand. The pictures don't do it justice. Looking at these photos makes me wish I had a nicer camera and Wendy McGraw's mad skills.
Grace and Eliot spent hours playing in the water and the sand.
We watched an otter catch a huge trout and haul it up onto a rock to devour for breakfast.
He just tore the thing apart with his teeth while it writhed and squirmed around on the rock. Amazing!

 We are most definitely heading back there. She who does not camp is now shopping for campers on Craigslist. Hah!


LIz said...

Hooray! We should go camping together sometime.... ;) Welcome to the great outdoors. :)

That looks gorgeous. I'll have to add that to our list of places to check out.

Lauren said...

What a beautiful trip! Phil loves the Selway . . . and now I see why. Thanks for showing so much of your trip!

thefisherlady said...

We have the Willow River here... i guess that is our Selway... the joy is the same!
lovely photo catches of beautiful moments!

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Anonymous said...

Hehe : )
i came here bacause my name is Selwa : D
thank you for those photos theyre beautiful...